Oreo Almond Bombs


oreo bombsHow to Make Oreo Bombs

* 1 package of Oreos
* 1 box of Cream Cheese
* 1 package of almond bark

1. In large bowl dump out the entire package of Oreo cookies and mash them up.
2. Add in the entire package of cream cheese and mix the two together thoroughly. (I like to add maybe a shot glass amount of milk to my mix)
3. Once ingredients are mixed together, cover and place in fridge. This will help with the stickiness and make the next step easier. You can let it stay  in the fridge for a few hours or over night.
4. I use a cookie sheet and put either parchment paper or foil over it and then roll out small balls of the mixture. I find it easier and less messy if I use two spoons to grab the ingredients and roll them into balls. After I’ve filled up the cookie sheet I place it back into the fridge for another few hours.
5. On a double broiler (if you don’t have one like me, I get two pots and just be careful not to drop the top pot into the bottom one.) melt the almond bark on medium heat. (If you have the heat too high it can crystallize the chocolate or burn) Stir frequently.
6. Take the balls from the cookie sheet and drop one or two at a time into the almond bark and cover them completely, then place on another cookie sheet to cool. I use forks for this process.
7. Once you’ve filled up this cookie sheet with chocolate, place back into the fridge to dry.
8. I like to melt chocolate chips and drizzle over the top of the balls once they’re complete. It makes them look more professional. It’s also not that difficult. Melting a little chocolate chips I take a fork and basically make a mess on the cookie sheet. Waving the dark chocolate filled fork back and forth over each Oreo ball.