Alumnus praises the lard – Daily Egyptian

milwakee wi 1st place ribsThis weekend marked the 27th-annual Praise the Lard barbecue cook-off in Murphysboro. The event featured 76 teams from 14 different states and a team from Germany.

Randy Twyford, owner of Twyford BBQ & Catering, entered Praise the Lard this year for the fifth year in a row. He competed in both the Kansas City Barbeque Society and Memphis Barbecue Network competitions at the event.

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Officially the Best BBQ in Jacksonville

TWYFORD-001_QuartPageAd_4C_Facebook-186Officially voted “Best BBQ” in Jacksonville – Twyford BBQ!
Since the beginning, we’ve worked hard to cook up the best BBQ around. Of course, we’ve always thought we did a pretty good job and now that the Jacksonville Journal Courier readers named Twyford “Best BBQ” it looks like folks agree with us. Thanks for the support and the votes, everybody!

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Illinois’ Own Twyford BBQ and Catering Places Top 10 at Memphis in May

memphis in may on stage mim photoJACKSONVILLE, Ill., May 24, 2012  –- It’s truly rib ticklin’ news. A Jacksonville caterer – Twyford BBQ and Catering – is pleased to announce that it placed seventh in the rib category out of 121 teams that competed at the world barbecue championship at Memphis in May.

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Tips for Graduation-Party Success

use pork platter ready

Well, you’ve done it! You’ve gotten your child through school and now it’s time to celebrate. Whether your loved one has recently conquered college, high school or kindergarten – a celebration is in order. Small or large-scale events, it’s important to mark these occasions. As a personal family member used to say, “You swallowed the hog, don’t choke on the tail!” Get busy planning a graduation party that he or she will remember for years to come. Here are some helpful tips to get you on your way:

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