We Made It To Austin

BC-LogoWe made it to Austin,TX to the National BBQ Association meeting.  We met up with Ruben and Bonnie Gomez from New Mexico that helped us at the 17th Street BBQ contest in Murphysboro,IL  The introduced us to several new BBQ people and some with some real interesting stories.

One couple has a BBQ joint in southern Arkansas and vend out of a Winnebago trailer three days a week and do more business than most full service restaurants. They have an acre parking lot and at noon you can not get any parking spots because of the crowd. It makes no difference what kind of weather it is they are busy.  Another couple has vending locations in a Amish farmers market and is unbelievably busy.

Darren and Sherry Warth of Iowa Smokey D’s also made it in and joined us along with Mark Link of Uncle Bub’s of Westmont, IL