Food trucks forced to relocate, despite complying with city rules

Listen to Randy Twyford’s interview with Sam Madonna of Sports Radio 1550


A couple dozen employees from downtown businesses and students in navy-blue Illinois FFA jackets lined up Wednesday afternoon to order pulled-pork sandwiches and tacos from two food trucks outside the Bank of Springfield Convention Center.

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Alumnus praises the lard – Daily Egyptian

milwakee wi 1st place ribsThis weekend marked the 27th-annual Praise the Lard barbecue cook-off in Murphysboro. The event featured 76 teams from 14 different states and a team from Germany.

Randy Twyford, owner of Twyford BBQ & Catering, entered Praise the Lard this year for the fifth year in a row. He competed in both the Kansas City Barbeque Society and Memphis Barbecue Network competitions at the event.

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Officially the Best BBQ in Jacksonville

TWYFORD-001_QuartPageAd_4C_Facebook-186Officially voted “Best BBQ” in Jacksonville – Twyford BBQ!
Since the beginning, we’ve worked hard to cook up the best BBQ around. Of course, we’ve always thought we did a pretty good job and now that the Jacksonville Journal Courier readers named Twyford “Best BBQ” it looks like folks agree with us. Thanks for the support and the votes, everybody!

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