We’re Off to Austin!

BC-LogoFollow us as we travel to the heart of Texas for the National Barbeque Association Conference and Expo in Austin, Texas.  The suitcases are packed, our presentations are as ready as they’ll ever be and we’re headed to Texas – via O’Hare…..(hopefully there’s enough time for  two out of shape BBQ’ers to make the connection).

The itinerary shapes up like this:

Monday — we travel, hook up with friends and get into a Texas state of mind;

Tuesday – Bus tour of legendary BBQ joints off the beaten path;

Wednesday – Bus tour of famous BBQ joints in the Austin Area;

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Famous Dave Anderson

006At the National BBQ Association I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Anderson, of “Famous Dave’s BBQ”  Dave is the founder and guiding force behind the 176 location chain with locations across the US. Dave is a very nice guy and has a true passion for BBQ.

Meat Descriptions

use pork readyBBQ Chicken Quarters – we lightly season leg or breast quarters with our signature rub, then smoke ‘em nice and slow to juicy perfection with just hint of cherry wood smoke. Glazed with our signature sauce.

St. Louis Ribs – Meaty, tender, lip smackin’ ribs– glazed, not drowned in sauce. Award Winning BBQ Ribs

Pulled Pork – Seasoned and slow smoked to bring out the REAL pork flavor. You add the sauce.

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Our New Sauce

single bottle web

We are really happy that Twyford BBQ and Catering now has their signature sauce available for sale in both Mild and Sassy formulas.  Enjoy the sauce that graces our table and brings our customers back for more.  Our sauce is the perfect blend of sweetness and tangy flavor with just a touch of heat in our Mild formula or a bolder Sassy formula.  Let our sauce take your food to the next level. It will soon be available at a retail outlet. But until then you can order it from us by sending an email and the cost is $5.00 per bottle plus shipping. If you are local we can hook up and save you the shipping cost.

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