Butts for Bucks


pork buttsIs your organization looking for a fundraising project that is easy to do, different and will appeal to a wide audience?

Butts for Bucks may be just what you’re looking for. Raise money by selling delicious, perfectly seasoned and smoked pork butts that come to you hot and ready for delivery to your supporters.

We have everything to make this your most successful fundraiser. Contact us for details on this proven and exciting fundraising opportunity for your organization.

Randy Twyford (217) 370-2274

New Cooker added to Twyford BBQ

WicThe latest addition to our collection of Ole Hickory CTO’s is “Wic”.  I bought this when I cooked a contest in Florida earlier this winter.  We plan to use this trailer-mounted CTO for on-site catering as well as for extra capacity.  We’ll probably also use this for competitions that are far enough away that taking the 5th wheel would be too expensive.

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Whole Hog BBQ

026We are honored to say the DOT Food, Mt. Sterling, IL who is the largest food re-distributor in the United States is one of our customers. The cooler warehouse at DOT went 365 days with out an accident on any of the shifts.  To honor the cooler team, we served them a Whole Hog BBQ. We did a whole hog for each of the four shifts along with side items. The team was very excited and happy with the pork. Here are a few pictures of one of the events. And, thank you DOT Foods for letting us serve you.

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